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Divorce May Require the Refinancing or Sale of the Home

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For most couples experiencing a divorce the largest asset of the marriage is the family home.  In most cases, the home must either be sold or the mortgage re-financed in order to divide the equity with your spouse.  Being prepared to deal with that issue is important when negotiating a resolution of your divorce case.  You will want to know what the home is worth on the open market, if the home will gain or decline in value in the future, and your best options if you decide to buy-out your spouse.  You will need to know how to accomplish a division of the home’s equity in relation to other decisions in the divorce.   The skills and resources of an experienced divorce lawyer is key.  The divorce attorneys at Gwin Steinmetz & Baird, Callie E. Walton and Tracey C. Smith are prepared to help you address these issues.  If you have questions about how to best handle this issue or for a free confidential consultation and review, contact them at 502-618-5700, or 

Mike Frank with Commonwealth Bank & Trust is a trusted contact for all mortgage and refinancing needs.  Ms. Walton has worked with him professionally and found that he will go above and beyond to help his clients.

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