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Long-Term Care / Nursing Home Lawyers in Louisville

Proven Experience and Results in Long-term Care and Nursing Home Litigation

Because the threat of costly litigation is so high for even the most well-run facilities, it is important that your nursing home or long-term care facility has the best legal representation possible. Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird has extensive experience in serving the legal needs of the long-term healthcare industry, both before and after litigation is threatened. Our long-term healthcare clients include some of the largest national nursing homes and acute care hospital companies in the country. However, we also service smaller single facility operations with the same professional approach.

Our attorneys are familiar with every aspect of the nursing home and long-term care industry and provide clients with legal services in all of the following general areas:

  • Civil litigation of medical negligence claims (including falls, skin break down, etc.), claims related to understaffing and charting fraud, and physical and emotional abuse claims;
  • Mediation and arbitration of complex medical negligence claims by residents;
  • Drafting, implementation and enforcement of Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreements; and
  • Compliance with Medicare and Medicaid regulations and related enforcement proceedings.

Through years of experience in the nursing home and long-term care industry, our attorneys have developed a unique, comprehensive approach to the investigation and litigation of claims related to nursing homes and long-term healthcare to prevent unnecessary payouts on unsubstantiated claims. Our attorneys also have access to some of the best consultants in the country in the areas of wound care management, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and general geriatric nursing.

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