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Business and Commercial Lawyers in Louisville, KY

Businesses, whether they are small, mid-level, regional, national, or global in size, are the bedrock of the Kentucky and U.S. economies. When a business dispute arises, the potential gains and losses for a favorable or unfavorable settlement or verdict can have a massive effect on a company’s bottom line and can even threaten the continued vitality of that business. The time and expense of litigating a complicated business dispute alone can be significant, as business and commercial litigation can be a lengthy and costly process. Given the high stakes of business and commercial litigation, businesses need expert legal guidance that can provide the intellectual experience and capability of a large firm, while providing the client-focused approach and flexible economics of a boutique firm.

Proven Experience Across Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Areas

At Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird, our business and commercial litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing our business and commercial clients in a wide variety of legal matters. Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird has successfully represented its business and commercial litigation clients in all of the following areas:

  • Contract disputes, including actions for breach of contract
  • Products liability
  • Copyright actions
  • Trademark actions
  • Patent litigation
  • Franchise and dealer terminations
  • Business fraud
  • Lender liability
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Employment practices
  • Commercial lease terminations
  • Indemnity actions

Top-tier Business and Commercial Litigation Representation in a Boutique Firm Environment

We partner with our business and commercial industry clients to understand their business needs and manage litigation efficiently. While our business and litigation attorneys have many years of experience working on behalf of large clients in big law firm environments, the boutique firm environment of Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird allows those same attorneys to use their vast experience to provide their clients with top-tier legal advice within an efficient framework and budget. Our goal is to get our business and commercial clients to a positive resolution as efficiently as possible, and we look for and employ opportunities to bring cases to conclusion through dispositive motions and, when appropriate, mediation, arbitration or settlement. Our lawyers are on the cutting edge of alternative dispute resolution methodology and practice, all in the service of helping our clients wrap up potential disputes as quickly as possible and return to focusing on their business goals and strategies.

Recognized Leaders in Kentucky Business and Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird are recognized as experts in the field of business and commercial litigation. Our efforts in the business and commercial litigation arena have resulted in published appellate decisions which have helped develop the law relating to commercial damages, indemnity and business fraud. Our lawyers are coeditors of a treatise on business torts published by the American Bar Association and have been featured speakers at educational programs regarding a variety of business litigation topics.

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