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Premises Liability Business Lawyers in Louisville, KY

We’re all familiar with the classic slip-and-fall scenario where a patron of a business is allegedly injured after slipping on an unsafe surface maintained by a business owner, and then sues the business owner in negligence. But premises liability litigation covers a wide spectrum of claims, plaintiffs, and defendants. Despite efforts at tort reform, premises liability claims continue to be extremely prevalent and a high cost of doing business and/or owning property. The most common defendants in a premises liability claim are industrial property owners, government entities (federal, state, local, etc.), recreational facilities, service establishments, retail stores, and residential homeowners, with industrial property owners on average paying the highest awards at trial, with an average award of over $250,000. Note that non-profit entities such as volunteer organizations and churches are also potential defendants in these types of cases.

While slip-and-fall types of personal injury cases will continue to be a high cost for all property owners, premises liability cases can also include claims where a visitor or an employee on your property assaulted another person (including sexual assault or murder), where hazardous materials on your property injured someone or entered onto another property, or where a person was injured by a piece of equipment or a dangerous condition on your property, such as an uneven sidewalk. Furthermore, a plaintiff will not necessarily be barred from recovery even where the plaintiff himself was negligent in causing his own accident or was a trespasser on the property.

Proven Experience and Results in Kentucky Premises Liability Law

From garden variety customer incidents such as slip-and-falls to wrongful death claims, the attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird have skillfully counseled and represented numerous insured and self-insured entities against the everyday risks and liabilities inherent in owning and operating businesses and/or properties of all sizes. We have represented individuals and companies in cases involving patent and latent dangers created by customers and employees, hazardous activities and equipment, natural hazards and a variety of toxic substances. Our relationship with premises owners and operators has also led us to defend these same clients against various other liabilities arising from prescription drugs, trucking and transportation, employee claims and product manufacturing and distribution.

Regardless of the size or scope of a potential case, our attorneys defend each premises liability case with the same learned and seasoned approach, while always remaining mindful of cost and the business goals of our clients. Our attorneys have achieved dozens of defense verdicts in premises liability cases but are quick to identify situations where liability and exposure dictate that mediation or informal settlement is the better solution.

Work Closely with a Premises Liability Attorney Through All Critical Phases of Litigation

A successful defense in a premises liability action requires a rapid response, thorough review of the facts, and intensive knowledge of the relevant law. The attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird are prepared to conduct immediate investigations, secure evidence and identify potential liabilities as soon as incidents are reported. Our attorneys also provide advice to clients regarding communication with media and other parties to help ensure accurate, factual and consistent statements relating to any alleged incidents. Our attorneys have significant experience with common law premises liability standards as well as the specific codes, rules, regulations and industry standards that establish duties for business entities ranging from small retailers to large manufacturers and commercial contractors, and we stay abreast of developments in premises liability litigation to provide you with the strongest defense possible.

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Contact the attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird for further information on how we can be of service in handling any of your premises liability matters. Call (502) 618-5700 today to set up a consultation with a Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird premises liability attorney.

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