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Personal Injury Defense Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Despite increases in motor vehicle safety and a decline in motor vehicle deaths over recent decades, claims for personal injury from motor vehicle accidents continue to comprise a significant portion of personal injury claims that go to trial, creating big payouts for plaintiffs and enormous liabilities for insurers and insured parties. Recent statistics from the federal court system indicate that a full 20% of all tort claims are for personal injury claims related to motor vehicle accidents. More striking, while only 34% of product liability claims and 37% of medical malpractice claims resulted in judgments for plaintiffs, a full 57% of claims related to motor vehicle accidents resulted in a judgment for the plaintiff.

Proven Experience and Results in Kentucky Motor Vehicle Litigation

Given the high stakes and prevalence of motor vehicle accident claims, and the favorability with which the courts can treat plaintiffs, it is important to be represented by experienced counsel who can defend your interests from the time of the alleged accident on through to a resolution at trial or through a settlement or dismissal. The motor vehicle liability attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird have decades of experience in the representation of insurers and insured parties in countless personal injury lawsuits, ranging from those involving minor injuries to more severe motor vehicle accidents.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and training regarding Basic Reparation Benefits (BRB), subrogation, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and Kentucky’s Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (MVRA). Some of the representative clients that our motor vehicle liability attorneys have represented include:

  • American International Group, Inc.
  • Arrowpoint Capital Corp.
  • Indiana Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
  • Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
  • Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
  • RLI Insurance Company
  • Safe Auto Insurance Company
  • Wausau Insurance Company

Work Closely with a Motor Vehicle Liability Attorney Through All Critical Phases of Litigation

Time is of the essence in defending against a claim arising for a motor vehicle accident, and our attorneys will begin working immediately to defend your interests while the evidence is still fresh and while opportunities for a fair settlement or disposition of the case are still available. As part of our defense of our clients’ interests in a case relating to a motor vehicle accident, our attorneys will:

  • Properly investigate the accident scene and supervise the ongoing investigation into the accident
  • Preserve necessary and relevant evidence
  • Investigate the participation and possible fault of plaintiffs, other defendants and third parties, in order to apportion fault at trial or settlement and reduce potential damages
  • Fully assess potential pre-existing conditions and questionable injuries alleged by the plaintiffs
  • Work closely with insurance adjusters and investigators to determine fault
  • Communicate with law enforcement and government investigators
  • Prepare witnesses and employees for depositions
  • Coordinate with expert witnesses in the motor vehicle field
  • Negotiate with plaintiffs and other parties for a reasonable settlement and/or disposition of any accident-related claims

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Contact the attorneys at Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird for further information on how we can be of service in defending against a motor vehicle liability claim. Call 502-618-5700 today to set up a consultation with a Gwin, Steinmetz, & Baird motor vehicle liability attorney.

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