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October 2013

In October, 2013, GSB attorney Rob Hickey and paralegal Kim Roberts successfully defended a large roofing company and its employee in a jury trial in Louisville, Kentucky. Our clients’ truck collided with Plaintiff’s car, resulting in a claim of traumatic brain injury with alleged damages of nearly six million dollars. We were asked to take over the file from a defense attorney at another law firm eleven days before trial. Very little discovery, investigation, or resolution efforts had been conducted and all pretrial deadlines had passed. Plaintiff’s pre-accident medical and employment records had not been obtained, the necessary defense experts had not been retained, Plaintiff’s six experts had not been deposed, and no witnesses had been interviewed or subpoenaed for trial. A motion for a continuance had been denied, but trial preparations had not been started before the file was transferred to us. With a sparse file and a very short time to prepare, we took the case to trial in Jefferson Circuit Court. After a four-day trial, the jury awarded less than one percent of Plaintiff’s claimed damages.

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