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A Fresh Start in the New Year

Road reads Divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce is one that requires a great deal of time and consideration. Even when a spouse has known for some time that they’re unhappy with their marriage, they may need one final push to separate or file for divorce. Many couples arrive at the conclusion that it’s time to divorce at the beginning of a new year. Below, find reasons why January is one of the most popular times to file for divorce, and speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable Kentucky family law attorney if you’re considering filing for divorce in the new year.

Couples waited until January to split, having already known that they wanted to divorce: The holidays can be an over-packed, stressful time of year. Adding in the stress of announcing a divorce can be more stress than some couples can handle. Couples with children may believe that they’re doing the best possible thing for their children by waiting until the new year to separate, thinking that their children’s holiday would be ruined by their parents splitting up. If you find yourself in a position of knowing that you’re going to divorce in the new year, take note that you don’t do your children more harm than good by staying together. Many adult children of divorce remember the last holiday season before their parents’ divorce as one filled with fighting and tension.

Couples hoped that holiday magic would help them reconnect: Some couples hoped that having an occasion to be together during the holidays would allow them an opportunity to rekindle their relationship, but are disappointed to find that this reconnection didn’t occur. For some spouses, the pressures of the holidays expose substantial cracks in the relationship, helping them to see that the marriage is no longer viable.

Spouses are waiting until the new year for financial reasons: Divorce before the holidays can be a strain on some spouses’ finances. The holidays can be an expensive time, and many couples need to wait until their bank accounts have an opportunity to rebound or they receive year-end bonuses before they can file for divorce. Divorce does come with a number of expenses at the outset, such as the cost of obtaining alternate housing and retaining an attorney.

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